Dance Fit Fundraiser

Dance Fit Fundraiser
Posted on 10/29/2020
Dance Fit Fundraiser graphic

Dance Fit Fundraiser

Kickoff on Nov. 4th
Dance Fit Virtual Event Nov. 13th

Donating is officially open! SHARING IS SUPPORTING our fundraiser. It’s extremely easy on and takes 30 secs. Register your student, then click the SHARE BUTTON. Your student will receive rewards just for you sharing. It’s a win-win! Thank you for gathering donations from friends and family to help our school!

What Are Dance Minutes?

This is how long your student dances and moves during the Dance Fit Event. The Event is 35 minutes, so if you donate $1 per Dance Minute, you’ll donate $35 to our school.

Just Dance Videos

Our Dance Fit video content was created in partnership with Just Dance—the worldwide dance game! All music and dance moves are family-friendly.

Students Will Be Dancing

In their classrooms and at home!

Want to Learn More about Dance Fit?

Check out a preview video here

Download the PDF Flyer

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