OMES Discipline Information

School Motto

As an Osceola Explorer, I am:OMES Logo

  • a Leader
  • a Learner
  • a Friend


  1. Make wise choices.
  2. Respect our school, other people, and their belongings.
  3. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  4. Practice kindness and cooperation.
  5. On campus, walk quietly so you will not interfere with others' learning or hurt yourself.
  6. Practice kindness and cooperation


It is necessary that children learn to develop self discipline in order to further their learning. We ask that you discuss with your children the importance of and need for good behavior and a good attitude while at school. We will not tolerate fighting or disrespect toward others, obscene language, or destruction of school property. Students who break rules continuously will be sent to the office and handled accordingly. If problems reoccur, parents will be called to come in to help resolve the problem. Failure to follow school rules will result in reassignment to home zoned school. Students not honoring our behavior and school dress commitment or drop off rules may be reassigned to their home school.


Each teacher will enforce the school rules. Each class will set and display classroom rules. When a student is referred to the office to be disciplined, the following measures may be taken:

  1. Warning - Parent may receive a discipline slip
  2. Student will call parent from principal's office stating misbehavior and a plan for improvement will be discussed.
  3. Student may have timeout; write an apology, etc. Parent receives discipline slip, signs and returns to school. Parent may be asked to come to school to discipline child or take child home. A formal discipline plan is developed with involvement of parent and child.
  4. Suspension. Parent will be notified. Parent must conference with principal upon child's return to school.
  5. Non-compliance with discipline plan will result in reassignment to home zoned school.

Positive Climate and Discipline Code of Conduct Handbook